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Group Fitness

It's always more fun with others


Group Fitness

Group exercise provides a focused and fun environment for you to push yourself and achieve your goals. Such environment really helps you stay engaged with exercise while the trainer ensures you get the most out of the workout through encouragement and supervision of techniques. At Perform Fitness, we are very proud to offer a wide range of group exercise classes tailored for all types and ages.

Group classes

We have great diversity in our classes ranging from bodyblast, tone and sculpt, yoga, pilates, bootcamp and boxing, just to name a few.

Full Equipment

The gym boasts a full cardio zone with Treadmills, Rowers, Bikes, Cross-trainers and a Stepper machine. The pool is just next door too!

Get healthier

You will be able to improve your endurance, tone your body, feel more energetic and happier. On top of that, you will also receive constant support from peers and instructors.

Enjoy with others

Group fitness has a lot to do with socialising as it is with health and fitness. So break a sweat and meet new people.


Build the body you want


Weightlifting Gym

At the heart of our gym we have the most widely used facility, the weights area. Weights and machines of all sizes and shapes are available to our members. Whether you're working for personal strength, competitions or just want to show off to a cute girl or guy we have it all.

Full equipment

We have a comprehensive range of equipment which includes free weights, an olympic lifting platform and all the machines you can imagine for full body workouts.


No more queing for weights. Our gymers almost never have to wait for equipment since we provide a large space and varied equipment.

Health benefits

Strengthen your muscles, condition your body and mind. Scientifically, weightlifting is proven to fight oesteperosis and reduce blood pressure. You'll also look and feel great!

Trainer support

With knowledgable staff walking the floor we're able to support your needs and encourage progess during your workouts.


Obstacles and fun challenges for kids



Our younger members are just as important to us as adults. We have a full-fledged obstacle course built for children aged 8 to 16 that features trampolines, climbing walls, puzzles and challenges. This obstacle course teaches body control, strength and solidifies mind-body connection. More importantly, it’s completely safe! We also like to jump in from time to time and channel our inner child.



Body Balance

Children being active and engaged result in developing strength and muscles for proper body balancing.



The obstacle courses are designed to be both mentally and physically challenging to allow for creative thinking.



All that hard work is paid off in our fun and engaging obstacle course environment. Adults are welcome too.

CrossFit - coming soon

Take your fitness to the next level


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